A support mechanism for migrant African athletes

With the perspective of “sport as a human right”, it targets to encourage social inclusion and support providing equal opportunities in sport for all people, including the ones from a disadvantageous background.

Transgressing Boundaries: Migration and Sport

It is a pleasure to invite you to submit your abstract for the conference entitled ‘Transgressing Boundaries: Migration and Sport,’ organized by İstanbul Bilgi University, as part of the ‘Social Inclusion of African Athletes in Europe (SiNAFE)’ Project, which will take place at İstanbul Bilgi University on June 1-2, 2023.

SiNAFE is a collaborative partnership project funded by the European Commission within the scope of the Erasmus+ Sport Program. In this project, we try to preserve a simple but crucial idea: having equal conditions in sports is a human right. With the idea that ‘sport is a human right,’ the project wants to promote social inclusion and help make sure that everyone has equal opportunities in sports, with a particular focus on migrants. Sport is oftentimes cited as the perfect tool for upward mobility, and many young athletes attach their hopes and dreams to sport, particularly football, to ascend socially. Still, migrant athletes continue to suffer from social exclusion.

Call for Abstracts for the Conference

Date: June 1st and 2nd, 2023
Venue: Istanbul Bilgi University, santralistanbul Campus, Istanbul, Turkey
Abstract submission deadline: April 18, 2023


What is SINAFE?

The acronym of the project is “SINAFE”, meaning simplicity in Hausa language, which is one of the most widespread languages of West Africa. In this project, we try to preserve a simple but crucial idea; having equal conditions in sport is a human right.

Who is the target audience?

The direct target group of the SINAFE is the immigrant African athletes in participant countries. Consecutively, the final beneficiaries of the project are the immigrant athletes in various sports and from different countries, as well as various sport organisations, migration institutions and NGOs.

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    The overall objectives are:


    • to develop a support mechanism for social inclusion of immigrant African athletes in Europe;


    • to contribute to innovative approaches to training for immigrant athletes by developing a curriculum including rights, legal procedures and occupational information using inclusive and empowering techniques.

    intellectual outputs

    • Field Study Report

      Field study report provides information on the needs and challenges of African athletes with a comparative perspective.

    • Toolkit

      The toolkit includes a summary of field study, guides and policy recommendations for immigrant athletes and other stakeholders.


      The training program supports migrant athletes' employability in the sports field.

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